Chopping Block – The Finest Sandwich In 10038

Chopping Block – The Finest Sandwich In 10038

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If you’re looking for high quality food in New York City, Chopping Block on John Street should be you first stop. Chopping Block is a fast casual restaurant in the financial district that does not mass produce their food.

If you’ve taken a look at their menu, you’ll notice that their menu is quite simple. They offer a variety of recipes that can be chosen as a sandwich or a salad. These recipes are very unique, making each sandwich and salad very unique. Even the sauces and dressings have their own unique recipes. Secondly, the layering of each ingredient in both the salad and the sandwich makes every bite enjoyable and flavorful.

How high quality is the food in Chopping Block? All meats are organic and fresh. Since everything is prepared in house, that means they don’t store a ton of meats or produce. Every sandwich and salad is made to order, even some fine dining restaurants do not do that! All the meats are marinated, spiced, and slow roasted in house in a huge oven that you can see right when you walk into the restaurant.

There are no cold cuts being served here. The meats are of high quality and that includes the roast beef. This is not the same roast beef you get from the deli, this is roast beef that is roasted and cut in the restaurant.

Most of my experience lies with the sandwich, so I can speak confidently about it. The sandwiches are layered with a variety of fresh ingredients, from meat to greens to cheeses to sauces. The flavors are one of a kind, and you will find yourself enjoying the food here no matter what type of eater you are. They have a dish for every taste bud. The Fuego, which is the spicy herbed chicken sandwich topped with avocado, jalapenos, cilantro, and spicy chipotle mayo is great for those who enjoy a spicy dish and even for those who don’t. The Eggplant Euro is the vegetarian dish with a great combination of veggies that is enjoyable even for those of us who don’t usually like eating our veggies.

If the sandwich alone wasn’t satisfying enough, which it will be, they give you free stove top popped popcorn. The stove top corn is the corn kernels popped in a pot, without any butter, but is spiced to give even the popcorn its own unique flavor. They also have a La Marzocco for those of you who are coffee drinkers or not. The La Marzocco is an expensive piece of equipment to pull espresso shots, you absolutely cannot have espresso any other way.

So if you’re ever in downtown Manhattan, or anywhere in New York City, stop by the Chopping Block. They are one of few restaurants in the area with quality food. Chopping Block is my #1 for restaurants near 10038. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.